Coleman Portable Propane Shower

Coleman Portable Propane Shower

The Hot Water on Demand is the Coleman portable propane shower that can solve a lot of your daily water needs in camp other than providing a hot shower. An all-in-one portable hot water producer, it works well for cooking, taking showers, washing dishes and even making coffee and tea in a very small amount of time – in fact, in mere seconds. As the name suggests, this really is the “Hot Water on Demand” solution. Whether your needs pertain to camping and boating trips, simple outdoor activities or even within the comfort of your own home, the Coleman Portable Propane Shower can help you in all such water related activities. The various convenient features of the device, makes the Coleman Hot Water on Demand one of the most versatile portable camping showers currently on the market.

Coleman Portable Propane Shower Features

The Coleman propane camping shower comes with a temperature controlling system that allows you to vary the temperature from very hot (for cooking purposes, particularly preparing tea and coffee) to cold (for showers on a hot day). Also included with the propane shower is a water container of a capacity of five gallons that can be adapted for using with a garden hose or any other accessory in order to maintain a continuous supply of water. The heating device of the shower works quickly and efficiently and makes use of the built in burner (fueled by propane) to heat water in as little as five seconds. Unlike other methods of water heating while outdoors that involve pots and camp stoves, the propane shower comes with a built-in ignition button that allows you to turn the water on or off, on demand.

  • The Coleman Hot Water on Demand comes with a 5 gallon water container that is collapsible for easy packing.
  • The shower also comes with a pump and heater unit as well as rechargeable batteries and both an AC & 12 VDC charger that works out of the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle
  • Temperature control system allows you to vary the temperature from very hot to very cold
  • Built in ignition button allows to turn the water supply on and off instantly
  • Has a handy swing out spout
  • Delivers hot water, or water of your preferred temperature, at any time and within just five seconds
  • Can be further enhanced by the addition of other accessories such as an adapter for a standard garden-style water hose and an adapter for bulk propane tanks.

Coleman Portable Propane Shower Review

Why You Need the Coleman Portable Propane Shower

The Hot Water on Demand Coleman portable propane shower is by far the most versatile portable camping shower available. Solar shower bags are nice in there own regard, but they require preparation and a few hours under the sun’s rays to bring the water up to a comfortable temperature. With the Coleman propane shower, the name says it best – you get “Hot Water on Demand” – you get it when and where you want it. Great for showering, washing dishes, and as already pointed out, it’s also perfect for making a hot cup of tea!

Best Price & Availability

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